Here’s the list of exhibitions I took part in:

– Minimalia – Individual exhibition, FreeDa Space, Barcelona
– 1st International Contest Arte por un Plato de Habichuelas, Spain

– Art contest to 25th Anniversary of the Olympic Port of Barcelona, best graphic work
– Art Award Barcelona, shortlist

– Zooming – Individual exhibition, Espronceda, Barcelona

– Labyrinth Of The Contemporaneity, Moscow, Artplay

– Days Of Slavic Art In Berlin
– Tomodachi To Tomodachi To Tomodachi-Ten, Senjin-kan gallery, Niigata-city, Japan
– Individual Exhibition, Art residence Rodina
– Art International Zurich – 14th International Contemporary Art Fair, Switzerland

– Looking eastward, Luciano Benetton’S project, Treviso, Italia (catalogue)
– Skromnost’/Modesty, the Flacon Space, Moscow
– Three Muses Of Russian Painter: God, Women, Wine. Gallery on Vspolny, Moscow
– Africa: New Wave 2011 Exhibition of African and Russian artists in the Black Dog gallery, Moscow

– Exhibition project Labyrinth Of The Contemporaneity, part of project Unbearable Freedom Of Creativity, Moscow
– Exhibition at the Embassy of Ethiopia, Moscow
– Art Manege 2010, 15th Art Manege Moscow Art Fair 2010 Moscow, Manege Central Exhibition Hall

– Twenty Years Have Not Gone For Nothing – (With S.Safonov, K. Sutiagin and A. Shevtchenko) – Expo-88 gallery, Moscow
– Baumanskaya School Of Painting. The Late Twentieth Century … (With Dorodny Sergei, Kalyagin Nadezhda, Sergei Ovsyannikov, Konstantin Sutyagin, Svetlana Sutyagin, Alexander Shevchenko). Peterson gallery, Moscow

– Landscapes With Lonely Figures – Art-Center Fund, Moscow
– Koller Auction Russian Art, Zurich, Switzerland (catalogue)

– First Moscow International Festival of art “Traditions and Contemporaneity”, CEH Manezh, Moscow (catalogue)
– Maharajah’s Spase – Moscow House of Artists
– Koller Auction Contemporary Russian Art, Geneva, Switzerland (catalogue)

– Parallel Worlds – Individual exhibition with S.Peterson, S.Peterson gallery, Moscow

– Baumanskaja School Of Painting (With Dorodny Sergei, Kalyagin Nadezhda, Norshtein Boris, Sergei Ovsyannikov, Konstantin Sutyagin, Svetlana Sutyagin, Alexander Shevchenko) Moscow

– To Allow It To Be… – Individual exhibition, Central House of Artists, Moscow

– Ten Years Have Gone For Nothing – (With S.Safonov, V.Stain, K. Sutiagin and A. Shevtchenko) – Moscow

– Two Faces Of Buddhistic Moscow with I.Baldano – centre of culture “Colorit” Moscow
– Two Faces Of Buddhistic Moscow. with I.Baldano – Russian centre of culture, Budapest
– La Nouvelle Asie with I.Baldano – “Third Way” Moscow

– Die Kraft Der Stille. – Hildesheim State Art Museum, Germany (catalogue)
– Art-Kontor. – Contemporary Art Museum Frankfurt, Germany (catalogue)

– Individual exhibition with S.Peterson – 11, Kuznetsky Bridge, Moscow

– Republican exhibition of the Union of Artists.- Manege, Moscow, Russia
– “Arbat 34″ gallery, Moscow – S.Peterson, E. Stasenko, K. Sutiagin, A. Shevtchenko.
– To Save The Beauteousness Of The World – 12, Razina str., Moscow

– Stripe. B. Norshtein, E. Stasenko, K. Sutiagin, A. Shevtchenko. – Exhibition hall of State Economy Institute, Moscow, Russia
– La Tradition Russe auction in Paris.
– The 20-th Youth exhibition, Moscow
– The Mars gallery, Moscow
– Visit gallery, Moscow