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Two Faces Of Buddhistic Moscow

In this February is 20th aniversary of my and Irina Baldano’s project Two Faces Of Buddhistic Moscow. It was exhibited twice: in Moscow and in Budapest.

1997 was year of our fruitful collaboration.  I was impressed by plastic of Irina’s paintings from first sight. In her work was present archaism, but archaism natural and vivid. After our first project, inspired by Irina’s art, I created the clothing collection Mongolia. Irina helped me making trimming with cord and applications for caps. When the collection was ready, fashion-show has been included in the program of the festival  La Nouvelle Asie in the Tretiy Put (Third Way) club in Moscow. Irina did big part of organizing work for this festival and was one of the participants. 

In 2016 Irina passed away and now I publish article Two Faces Of Buddhistic Moscow from our booklet as tribute to her memory…
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Zooming in Barcelona

In December 2016 in Espronceda Centre for Art and Culture in Barcelona took place my exhibition named Zooming.

The original series of graphic work was created three years ago. First to appear were white guaches on black paper. Later they transformed in bigger versions as white enamel on black roofing material. Enlarged, these images carried the same, if not stronger, expressiveness, even communicated a new dimension, inspiring me to go on exploring and discovering the potential of graphic images. Continue reading

Waterproof Art

Art residence Rodina (Homeland) presents the contemporary artists exhibition Labyrinth

September 7 – September 16, 2013
Address: Moscow, Artplay, st. 10 The Syromiatnicheskaya. Block 3, balcony, 3rd floor.

7 September at 12:00 in the opening of the exhibition. On the balcony of the Central Hall art residence Rodina is to build a maze of works by contemporary artists. Continue reading

Baumanskaja School of Painting

In encyclopedias of art over time, may be written something like this: “Baumanskaja School of Painting. The late twentieth and early twenty-first century. Group of the painters from Moscow, united on formal territorial attribute. Figurative painting”. In reality, of course, difficult to predict, how will be appreciated the artists century later, when time will erase the subjective judgments, together with the judges. But the phenomenon that exists more than 20 years deserves an attention as a minimum. Continue reading

Little Bit of Reminiscences. To Exhibition in 2009

It was the exhibition in 2009 named Twenty years have not gone for nothing. The participants celebrated about twenty years of their creativity and a bit more than twenty years of existence of Expo-88 gallery, there this exhibition took place.
In the booklet dedicated to this exhibition each of participants gathered his memories about life around and his own life twenty years ago. And here is my part of recollections.

Now, looking back on twenty years ago, I feel myself like a mammoth, which inadvertently wasn’t died out. Passed even not the era – several eras, with their signs, with people who either have disappeared, or have changed. Continue reading

Parallel Worlds

Recently I participated in exhibition Three Muses of Russian Painter: God, Women, Wine in Gallery on Vspolny, and one of organisers and exhibitors was Semen Peterson. We participated in numerouse collective exhibitions together. And there was significant for me individual exhibition with Semen.

Eight years ago (3.07.2003 – 11.10.2003) in the gallery On Krutitcy took place my and Peterson’s individual exhibition named Parallel Worlds. We cooperated with gallery On Krutitcy, where Semen was cofounder and gallery even was named after him in the beginning, until it was destroyed by fire in may 2005. Two of mine paintings were covered with soot severely, so they actually turned into garbage. Others suffered less and I was able to restore them. But most of Semen’s pictures where burned complitely. Unwillingly he was facing oportunity to start new page in his painter career.
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To Allow It to Be…

Ten years ago (20.03.2001 – 8.04.2001) in the Central House of Artists in Moscow took place my individual exhibition named To Allow It To Be… My personal logo appeared first time on the booklet for this exhibition.

It was big step for me. And I want to thank wonderful people who helped me and have made all this possible. Here is text from booklet prepared to this exhibition.
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