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The Augean Stables of Modern Time

In cooperation with Eugenia Pronyakina

An essay on the essential possibility of new art and its characteristics

The exhaustion of postmodernism is not a completely new topic. Men, society, and their interrelations have changed. And though the changes might not be universal or universally acknowledged, still, they create the request for a new art, a new philosophy, a new aesthetical and ethical reality; a request that postmodernism can’t fulfill anymore. And though some philosophers rush to claim there will be no other “new art”, in spite of the art circles exploiting (with greater or lesser success) the principles of postmodernism, this new art is already here. It is hard to discover, since postmodernism (that never had its own or unique style) used all possible styles, forms or combinations and turned the cultural landscape into a junkyard. And it seems appropriate to study the origins in order to find, discover, and sort out new art amid this mess. Continue reading