Zooming in Barcelona

In December 2016 in Espronceda Centre for Art and Culture in Barcelona took place my exhibition named Zooming.

The original series of graphic work was created three years ago. First to appear were white guaches on black paper. Later they transformed in bigger versions as white enamel on black roofing material. Enlarged, these images carried the same, if not stronger, expressiveness, even communicated a new dimension, inspiring me to go on exploring and discovering the potential of graphic images.

This way appeared my project Zooming. The exposition consisted of number of graphic works where each of them was presented in several sizes. Smallest pictures are in postcard size. Biggest pictures are increased to the size of a real life scenery, they invite the viewer to step in and be the part of minimalistic black & white landscape. And when a photo or a selfie with largest images is done, the image becomes small again but includes the viewer, ending the cycle and transforming the audience from passive observer to a active participant. And here it seems we cross the border between art and life.

In the project Zooming fine art is fused together with poetry. We made for exhibition the soundtrack with poetry of Ingrid Garasa Ortiz read by the poet herself. My graphic work and Ingrid’s poetry have common qualities. They both may be described by the terms minimalism and expressionism. These shared qualities not only make it possible to put them side by side, but allow poetry and fine art complement and strengthen each other. Together they create a resonance, allowing to feel deeper artistic message of the both.

In the closing day we with Ingrid organized the Ping-Pong Jam – live improvisation between a painter and a poet. The inspirational impulse of one influenced the work of the other affecting the work of the former – a perpetual interaction condensed to a short performance. It was the synthesis, the creation of artwork made by painter and poet together.

Project Zooming is over, but will stay with me wonderful memories of a fantastic time in Espronceda and wonderful people who have made possible the implementation of the project. I want to thank each and every one: Espronceda founders Savina, Elia, Holger, Henrik for their energy, support and inspiration, Maribel for her ingenuity and attention to detail, Laura for her work and willingness to help, Vladimir for his wonderful skills and speed, Ivan for fast and high-quality work. Many thanks to Tito for his help with soundtrack.

Also I would like to thank Ingrid for her participation in the project. Her poetry added an extra dimension to it. And Ping-Pong Jam was just pure magic. I hope we’ll find possibility to work together again. Thank you Ingrid very much!

And I have to express my special gratitude to my dear wife Eugenia, who made big part of organizing work and always supports me in my work and life.


Opening of Zooming in Espronceda. Photo by Albert Fdez.
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