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Parallel Worlds

Recently I participated in exhibition Three Muses of Russian Painter: God, Women, Wine in Gallery on Vspolny, and one of organisers and exhibitors was Semen Peterson. We participated in numerouse collective exhibitions together. And there was significant for me individual exhibition with Semen.

Eight years ago (3.07.2003 – 11.10.2003) in the gallery On Krutitcy took place my and Peterson’s individual exhibition named Parallel Worlds. We cooperated with gallery On Krutitcy, where Semen was cofounder and gallery even was named after him in the beginning, until it was destroyed by fire in may 2005. Two of mine paintings were covered with soot severely, so they actually turned into garbage. Others suffered less and I was able to restore them. But most of Semen’s pictures where burned complitely. Unwillingly he was facing oportunity to start new page in his painter career.
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